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Day of Sun Celebrated by Koreans in Russia
Pyongyang, April 18 (KCNA) -- A meeting was held by the United Confederation of Koreans in Maritime Territory of the Russian Federation and compatriots at the DPRK Consulate General in Nakhodka on April 14 to celebrate the significant Day of the Sun (birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung).

Displayed at the venue of the meeting were photos documenting the immortal revolutionary exploits the President performed by liberating the country and building Korean-style socialism centered on the popular masses.

Also displayed there were works of the President, leader Kim Jong Il and Marshal Kim Jong Un, books introducing the leadership feats of the peerlessly great men of Mt. Paektu and magazines and photo albums dealing with the reality of the motherland.

A seminar on the revolutionary exploits of the President was held.

The chairpersons of the Korean Autonomous Society for National Culture in Nakhodka and the Korean Autonomous Society for National Culture in Partizansk City and others made speeches there.

The speakers said that overseas Koreans were celebrating with splendor the 102nd birth anniversary of Kim Il Sung, the founder and eternal President of the DPRK.

They praised the President as a prominent leader and iron-willed brilliant commander who put an end to the colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists, liberated the country, built a socialist power and led the human cause of independence to victory.

The immortal revolutionary feats performed by the President are always remembered by the overseas Koreans and the world progressives, they noted.

National reunification is the historic task of the nation which should be accomplished by the concerted efforts of the Koreans free from foreign interference, they declared, calling on the overseas compatriots to united closer and work hard to implement the June 15 joint declaration and October 4 declaration.

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