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Park Geun Hye Slammed for Patronizing IS
Pyongyang, April 18 (KCNA) -- An editorial titled "Nam Jae Jun's stay in office is little short of a declaration of election rigging backed by power" was posted on the south Korean internet paper Voice of People on April 16.

The editorial recalled that the investigation results that the spy case of a public official in Seoul city was faked up by the Intelligence Service (IS) were made public but Park Geun Hye let Director of the IS Nam Jae Jun, the chief architect of the case, stay in office.

The "Saenuri Party" is patronizing the IS, claiming that intelligence organs' activities against the north and anti-communist investigation function should not be weakened because of the above-said case, it charged.

Querying why Park Geun Hye is taking so much pain to shield Nam, the editorial continued:

The IS was the general headquarters for operations to rig the last "presidential election" with the backing of power organs.

The spy case is the burlesque orchestrated by the IS to commit irregularities backed by power in the June 4 local elections again, far from reflecting on the case. Park's action to let Nam stay in office is little short of an open declaration that she will commit similar crimes in the forthcoming local elections.

If the IS is allowed to illegally interfere in the elections, the election results will as clear as a pikestaff. This is the lesson taught by the 2012 "presidential election".

Calling upon the people to rise up in actions for the ouster of Nam and democracy, the editorial said: That is why all people should take part in the all-people candlelight action on April 19.

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