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Kim Il Sung's Exploits Performed in Nation-Building Praised in Germany
Pyongyang, April 18 (KCNA) -- A political party and an organization of Germany posted on their websites special write-ups illustrated with portraits of smiling President Kim Il Sung on April 8 on the occasion of his birth anniversary.

The German Communist Party in its article titled "Kim Il Sung's exploits performed in the nation-building" said:

The DPRK is holding Kim Il Sung in high esteem as the eternal President.

The Korean people always remember Kim Il Sung who made great contributions to the cause of nation-building.

The DPRK's political, military and economic foundations grew stronger and the harmonious whole of the leader, the party and masses was formed under his leadership.

His exploits performed in the nation-building will shine forever along with the eternal prosperity of socialist Korea.

The MS Tourist Company of Germany posted the following article titled "Eternal sun":

The august name of Kim Il Sung means the sun.

The President clearly indicated the road to be followed by humankind just as his august name meant and looked after all people with warm love and great attraction.

Many people who had the honor of being received by the President deeply admired his noble personality and warm humanity.

Though he passed away, his idea and cause will last forever just as the sun always remains shining.

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