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Russian Academy Ensemble Wins Popularity at April Art Festival
Pyongyang, April 17 (KCNA) -- The Academy Ensemble of the Interior Unit of the Russian Ministry of Interior has given performances at the Ponghwa Art Theatre as part of the 29th April Spring Friendship Art Festival held here.

Viktor Yeliseev, head and chief conductor of the ensemble, visited Pyongyang for the first time in Juche 74 (1985) and had the honor to give performance in the presence of President Kim Il Sung.

From 2001, the ensemble has given performances in Pyongyang nearly every year or twice a year.

Leader Kim Jong Il enjoyed the performance of the ensemble on several occasions, highly appreciating its performance.

In the current festival, it has put on the stage a male solo "Song of General Kim Il Sung" and a chorus and orchestra "Song of General Kim Jong Il", evoking stormy cheers among the audience.

Merited Artiste Nataliya Yeliseeva, wife of the head of the ensemble, sang the Korean song "Ardent Desire" in representation of her wish for the good health of Marshal Kim Jong Un.

The performance was vibrant with feelings of the DPRK-Russia friendship.

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