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Kimilsungia Shows Held in Indonesia and Guinea
Pyongyang, April 17 (KCNA) -- Kimilsungia shows took place with due ceremonies in Indonesia and Guinea on April 8 and 10 on the occasion of the birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung (Day of the Sun).

On display at their venues were photos dealing with the exploits of Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and Marshal Kim Jong Un.

Also displayed there were works of the peerlessly great men of Mt. Paektu and books introducing Songun Korea.

The venues full of Kimilsungias, immortal flower, in full bloom presented fantastic scenery.

Present at the opening ceremonies were figures of political parties, governments, organizations, organizations for the study of the Juche idea and organizations for friendship and solidarity with the Korean people and masses in those countries.

Nurdin Purnomo, chairman of the National Leading Council of the Diversity Party of Indonesia, said that the show would offer an important occasion in helping Indonesians know better about the personality of Kim Il Sung as a great man and socialist Korea and further boosting the friendship between the two countries.

Mamadou Saidou Bah, vice-chairman of the Guinean Kimilsungia-Kimjongilia Association, noted that the Day of the Sun is a common holiday of the Korean people and the world progressives.

He continued:

Kimilsungia is the flower praising a great man as it represents all peoples' respect and reverence for Kim Il Sung.

Kimilsungia is a common treasure of humankind as it is a famous flower recognized by the world.

The revolutionary cause of Juche started by Kim Il Sung and led by Kim Jong Il is now being carried to completion by Kim Jong Un.

The Korean people will as ever achieve greater successes in their drive for building a thriving nation and reunifying the country under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Un.

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