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Kim Il Sung's Love Knows No Boundary
Pyongyang, April 15 (KCNA) -- President Kim Il Sung in his lifetime had shown great loving care and benevolence for many foreigners.

In the whole period of his life, he established friendship with a large number of foreigners.

He had met more than 70 000 foreigners of 136 countries, among them 400 party, state and government heads and politicians, media persons, diplomats, religionists, workers, farmers, servicepersons and students.

Whenever he met them, the President used to tell about friendly relations.

This shows that he treated foreigners in terms of friendship, not merely aspects of political and diplomatic or business relationship.

So, he would ask about their health conditions before exchanging conversation about affairs and showed deep care for their convenience.

Such warm kindness of his, that goes beyond ideology, political view and religion and knows no boundary, turned those from the countries hostile to the DPRK or those who had bad feelings toward it into his supporters and followers.

The President also rendered international support and sincere assistance to the peoples of countries in the struggle against imperialism and fascism and in the efforts for building a new society.

That's why many foreigners have deeply revered and ardently followed him, fascinated by his great influence, generosity and personality.

Kim Il Sung is always alive in the hearts of the world people as the great man and the eternal sun of humankind.

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