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Russian Foreign Ministry Demands U.S. and S. Korea Stop Joint Military Exercises
Moscow, April 11 (KCNA) -- The Russian Foreign Ministry in a statement on April 10 urged the U.S. and south Korea to stop their joint military exercises.

The statement said:

The move of the U.S. and the south Korea to escalate the joint military exercises on the Korean peninsula is sparking off serious concern.

According to information available, the U.S. and south Korea attempt to kick off a new airborne drill with so many airplanes involved, before the end of the large-scale Foal Eagle joint military exercises.

What draws attention is that a drill of mounting a precision attack on targets in the "enemy's" territory and a logistic drill for groups for subversive activities and sabotage in the rear of the "enemy" will be staged during the exercises.

Russia has clarified repeatedly that the expansion of military action going beyond far the scope of the present threat in Northeast Asia will not be helpful to the normalization of the situation but bring serious consequences to the regional peace and stability.

We stress once again that it is high time to abandon the thought to coordinate the pending issues of the Korean peninsula by force, and to establish a multilateral security system in Northeast Asia.

All the disputes should be solved through political and diplomatic means, negotiation and talks.

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