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KCNA Commentary Hits at Three-Party Negotiations
Pyongyang, April 11 (KCNA) -- Three-party negotiations were held in Washington on Monday with an attendance of heads of the U.S, Japan and south Korean delegations to the six-party talks on the nuclear issue.

At the negotiations they urged the DPRK to "refrain from taking threatening action any longer" and agreed to continue close cooperation with their allies and companions of the international community over the "human rights performance" in the DPRK.

Nowadays, the U.S. has frequently convened three-party gatherings with Japan and south Korea, in a bid to prevent strife between its core allies in the Asia-Pacific region and restore the triangular cooperation system. To this end, it intentionally raises the DPRK issue as an agenda item of the gathering.

Such effort of the U.S. is not intended only to stifle the DPRK. The U.S. regards it as the foremost task to strengthen cooperation with its regional allies for the implementation of its pivot to Asia-Pacific strategy.

In order to draw regional allies closer to it and steadily beef up its military strength, the U.S. would aggravate the situation of the Korean peninsula intentionally and periodically. Meanwhile, it is loudly asserting that the DPRK is to blame for the regional tension.

But, such actions of the U.S. refusing dialogue and rendering the situation tense are pushing the developments in the Korean peninsula to the direction against denuclearization.

If the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula continues to undergo setbacks, the blame for this will be entirely on the U.S.

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