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KCNA Commentary Jeers at U.S. Stopgap Measure
Pyongyang, April 11 (KCNA) -- Burns, deputy state secretary of the United States, recently slandered the Democratic People's Republic of Korea over its regular military drills and nuclear policy for self-defense.

He told at an opening ceremony for an institute of the Asia Society on April 8 that the "north Korea challenge has vexed every U.S. administration since Truman, but it has become even more acute under the present leadership." And he said that while maintaining its pressure on the DPRK, the U.S. would continue testing the potential for diplomacy," adding "coordination with its allies is top priority."

This is no more than a grumble showing the poor position of the U.S. now in a dilemma by the DPRK's tough counteraction. Such rigmarole also represents the previous stand of the U.S. to shift the blame for the aggravated situation of the Korean peninsula on to the DPRK and continue its worn-out anti-DPRK policy by instigating its followers and irritating countries surrounding the DPRK.

The U.S. is a big country, beyond comparison with the DPRK, in terms of territory, population and military strength. It is absurd for the former to describe the steps taken by the latter to defend its sovereignty as "provocation" and call for pressure on it while beefing up armed forces in the Asia-Pacific region and instigating allies.

The U.S. seeks to get any concession from the DPRK by stirring up its neighboring countries. Such attempt is a humiliating act unfit for a big power.

Anyhow, the DPRK will do what it should do against the U.S. hostile policy, unshaken at any pressure.

In case the U.S. hostility goes over the "red line" drawn by the DPRK, the latter will have to take counteractions it had already declared.

The aggravated situation and the rupture of denuclearization process in the Korean peninsula are fundamentally ascribable to the U.S. vicious hostile policy towards the DPRK, and the only solution will be the abandonment of such policy.

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