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Minju Joson Brands S. Korean Authorities as Arch Criminal Scrapping North-South Agreement
Pyongyang, April 11 (KCNA) -- The south Korean chief executive said at a meeting of senior secretaries of Chongwadae on April 7 that the DPRK scrapped the agreement to stop slandering each other. This does not deserve even a passing note, Minju Joson Friday says in its commentary.

It goes on:

It is not the DPRK but the south Korean authorities which scrapped the north-south agreement. The south Korean chief executive takes the lead in slandering the DPRK, with no control of her tongue.

The south Korean chief executive's sophism that the DPRK scrapped the agreement which was reached with its much efforts only reveals her poor knowledge without common sense.

Recalling that she bitterly slandered the DPRK during her recent visits to the Netherlands and Germany, the commentary says:

Nevertheless, she let loose reckless remarks before the senior secretaries of Chongwadae.

No wonder, the south Korean Kyunghyang Daily News in an editorial said "provocative remarks should be refrained if the south admits the north as the partner of dialogue and cooperation." It also said "there is no reason for the president to take the lead in making such remarks", adding "as she is the president of south Korea, she should express the same words the other way, not making the north angry" and that "the president is neither a controversialist nor a critic."

This is the reflection of the south Korean people on her reckless remarks.

If she truly hopes for the improvement of the relations between the north and the south, she should take good control of her tongue and the internal affairs of south Korea, to begin with, so as not to have the agreement scrapped.

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