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DPRK Citizens Rejoiced at Kim Jong Un's Reelection as First NDC Chairman
Pyongyang, April 10 (KCNA) -- People in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are delighted at the news that supreme leader Kim Jong Un was reelected first chairman of the National Defence Commission (NDC) at the 1st Session of the 13th Supreme People's Assembly.

Kong Sung Il, manager of the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex, told KCNA: Supreme leader Kim Jong Un has reliably defended the socialist country and the destiny of its people by wisely leading the Songun (military-first) revolution.

He set forth a new line of simultaneously pushing forward economic construction and the building of nuclear force and saw to it that Kim Jong Il's patriotism swept the country.

Thanks to his wise leadership, the DPRK is successfully maintaining the lineage of Mt. Paektu.

My complex will make big contributions to building prosperous Korea with increased fertilizer output.

Kim Won, a worker at Huichon Power Station No. 2, said:

I extend heartfelt congratulations to the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un on his reelection as first chairman of the NDC.

He is the tender-hearted father for all the Korean people as he takes warm care of everyone with the politics of love. That's why all of them are following only the Marshal, entrusting their destinies and future to him.

Hong Hye Ran, a citizen living in Ryanggang Province, said:

The respected Marshal Kim Jong Un's reelection as first chairman of the NDC guarantees the bright future of the great Paektusan nation.

Enjoying the performance of the Moranbong Band, we became further convinced that the DPRK is sure to emerge a thriving country in near future as it is guided by him.

I will work harder to bring bumper harvest in potato farming this year.

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