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KCNA Commentary on S. Korea's Missile Development
Pyongyang, April 10 (KCNA) -- The south Korean puppet forces on April 1 reorganized their guided missile command into a missile command on an extension basis.

A person in authority of puppet defence ministry told that the reformation is aimed at expanding the sphere of military operations, confined to the range of guided missiles, to stand against the DPRK's strategic force command.

Earlier, the warmongers of south Korea opened to public the fact that they conducted a test-fire of ballistic missile with a 500 km range. And they assured that missiles with longer range would be developed next year, which is able to strike any part of the DPRK.

Such moves clearly show the impropriety of south Korea's missile development as it is aimed to exterminate the fellow countrymen only, catering to the will of foreign forces.

The south Korean authorities criticized the peaceful satellite launch of the DPRK and regular rocket launching drills by its army as "violation of UN resolutions" and "provocation". Meanwhile, they are speeding up the development and deployment of ballistic missiles at the tacit connivance and instigation of the U.S.

Advocating the "development of missiles able to strike the whole area of the north", they have got hell-bent on the development of 800 km-range ballistic missile under the U.S. support and deployed cruise missiles with a 1,500 km range.

At home and abroad, the south Korean authorities malignantly slander the DPRK's self-defensive deterrent and strategic line, calling for "nuclear abandonment" and "change". In the meantime they defend their missile development as a "countermeasure" against the "missile threat" from the DPRK.

The DPRK has possessed diversified missiles of various types to cope with the escalated U.S. moves for a nuclear war against it, but has never regarded the compatriots as their target nor claimed that it would strike the whole area of south Korea.

The main target of the DPRK's powerful missile forces is the United States bringing the danger of a nuclear war to the Korean nation as well as its aggression forces' bases.

But, the south Korean warmongers serve as shock forces for the U.S. seeking a war against the DPRK, pulling up it over its self-defensive missiles and stepping up the development of their own missiles targeting the fellow countrymen. This is a shameless and ridiculous action against the nation.

They should stop their reckless action at once, pondering over the disastrous consequences to be entailed by their missile development.

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