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Japanese Reactionaries Slammed for Trying to Stamp Out Chongryon
Pyongyang, April 10 (KCNA) -- The General Association of Koreans in China issued a statement on Mar. 30 denouncing the Japanese authorities for their moves to crack down on Chongryon (General Association of Korean Residents in Japan).

The statement said:

The Japanese reactionaries have taken such brutal actions as escalating the anti-DPRK, anti-Chongryon rackets and persistently committing searches for facilities of Chongryon, violence and arrest against compatriots, etc. and are now working hard to seize even the Korean Hall of Chongryon.

Their illegal decision to allow the sale of the Korean Hall of Chongryon is a wanton encroachment on the sovereignty of the DPRK as it is aimed at physically removing the center for activities of Chongryon, the champion of the democratic national rights of Koreans in Japan, and stamping out Chongryon and the movement of Koreans in Japan.

The General Association of Koreans in China and all Koreans in China will never pardon the Japanese reactionaries hell-bent on the moves to suppress and persecute Koreans in Japan and stamp out Chongryon, the inviolable overseas Koreans organization of the DPRK, far from making an apology and reparation for the crimes committed against the Korean nation.

It strongly demanded Japan, a defeated nation, make a sincere apology and reparation for the crime-woven past history and stop at once the agitation for making Japanese society veer to the Right and rush headlong into militarism, and the persecution and suppression of Koreans in Japan.

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