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German Expert Points out U.S. Use of UN Designation Is Illegal
Pyongyang, April 10 (KCNA) -- Dr. Christof Lehmann, an expert of Germany in international affairs, posted an article pointing out that the United States use of the UN designation is illegal on website "NSNBC" on Mar. 28.

The article said:

The military of the DPRK has recently carried out military exercises.

The missiles were launched within areas designated as military firing ranges.

The UN secretary general said that he "urged the DPRK to cease its ballistic missile activities and focus, together with other countries concerned, on the dialog and diplomacy necessary to maintain regional peace and security".

The UN secretary general did not comment on the joint U.S.-south Korean Ssang Yong (Double Dragon) amphibious assault field exercise, which aims at preparing U.S. and south Korean forces for an amphibious assault against the DPRK.

The Ssang Yong field exercise was launched March 27 and ends on April 7, 2014.

The DPRK's drills are, in other words, a defensive exercise that counters the offensive, U.S.-led Ssang Yong exercise.

Ssang Yong was launched in continuation of this year's Key Resolve and Foal Eagle exercises.

It is noteworthy that a Special Forces exercises, Balance Knife, has been added to the Foal Eagle field exercises since 2013.

Within the context of the U.N. secretary general's one-sided warning against the DPRK's defensive exercises, it is noteworthy that the U.N. secretary general did not use the opportunity to address the United States' illegal use of the U.N. designation for its troops in the Korean peninsula.

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