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Soldiers Pledge Revenge on S. Korean Military Hooligans
Kangryong, April 4 (KCNA) -- A meeting of soldiers of the Korean People's Army (KPA) to vow not to pardon the monstrous atrocities committed by the south Korean puppet military hooligans but to take thousand-fold revenge upon them took place at the Pupho Offshore Farm from where Yonphyong Island is in sight on Friday.

It was attended by generals, officers and soldiers of the KPA three services.

The floor was taken by crewman of the Ongjin Fishery Station Kim Thae Won and its Chief Engineer Kim Chol and KPA service personnel Jang Hyok and Sim Kang Ju.

They said the shuddering atrocious acts committed by the south Korean military hooligans after intruding into the territorial waters of the DPRK side on March 27 and seizing a peaceable fishing boat enraged all the service personnel of the KPA.

The crewmen could fight it out against the military hooligans and come back because they were fully confident that Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un was looking after them, they said.

They pledged to turn the citadel of the enemies into the second flaming Yonphyong Island by showering it with shells, once the supreme commander issues an order.

The monstrous crimes committed by the puppet forces under the blue sky of the motherland can never be pardoned, they stressed, pledging to force the enemies to pay with their death for the crimes they committed by desperately trying to take the crew away from the fold of the supreme commander.

The meeting heard literary pieces revealing the invariable intention of the puppet group of traitors and denouncing their mediaeval crimes.

A resolution of revenge was read out.

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