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S. Korean Military Warmongers Hold Madcap Anti-DPRK War Exercises
Pyongyang, April 4 (KCNA) -- The 55th division of the puppet forces staged a nighttime combined drill of a task force on April 1 at a time when the madcap Foal Eagle joint military exercises were under way in south Korea.

The exercises were aimed to mobilize units at all levels under the division on a moment's notice under the pretext of coping with the night infiltration and missile launch of someone.

In the meantime, the second corps of the puppet forces announced they would hold drills of seizing positions, moving tanks and firing shells of artillery pieces in the area of Chunchon and Hwachon of south Korean Kangwon Province in the coordinated operation with police and reserve forces till April 11.

The warmongers' saber-rattling is further ratcheting up military tension on the Korean peninsula.

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