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Park Geun Hye's Policy for Unification Censured by S. Korean Organization
Pyongyang, April 4 (KCNA) -- The Solidarity for Democracy, People's Life, Peaceful Reunification and Sovereignty of south Korea issued a commentary on April 1 in denunciation of the south Korean chief executive's confrontational moves against the DPRK.

The commentary said: The policy of "promoting unification" set forth by Park Geun Hye during her overseas trip is, in a word, the policy of discordance of her words and deeds.

Park is staging military maneuvers though she knows that the north will be opposed to them. This shows that all her policies related to unification are nothing but empty phrases.

The atmosphere of confrontation is running higher in south Korea in the wake of scattering of anti-DPRK leaflets in the area along the Military Demarcation Line. This proves that the south Korean authorities feign ignorance of the agreement on stopping mud-slinging.

The improvement of the north-south relations only can ensure peace and stability on the Korean peninsula but the Park's "government" does not want this and has not taken any measure as regards the U.S. military exercises irritating the north.

The commentary urged the Park's "government" to stop the confrontational moves against the DPRK and defuse the north-south confrontation to find the way of achieving peace and stability on the peninsula.

Only when the north-south relations are improved can peace and reunification be achieved, it stressed.

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