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S. Korean Chief Executive's Anti-reunification Remarks Blasted by Koreans in U.S.
Pyongyang, April 3 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the Federation of Koreans in the U.S. released a commentary blasting the anti-reunification remarks of Park Geun Hye on March 31.

The commentary branded the "three-point proposal for laying foundations for peace and unification" made by Park during her trip to Germany as an unrealistic lie.

The proposal is full of calls for denouncing the north, isolating it internationally and bringing it down in the end, the commentary said, and went on:

What she proposed first is the "solution of humanitarian issue" such as the regular reunion of separated families and relatives.

To call for so-called regular meeting without improving the relations with the north, the dialogue partner, is prompted by a political purpose.

Second, Park proposed what she called "prosperity common to the south and the north" and "laying foundations for improving people's livelihood."

It is nothing but a word play for Park to make such a proposal as she is well aware that the north-south exchanges would be impossible without the lifting of the "May 24 step."

The south side scattered anti-DPRK leaflets and instigated "defectors from the north" to slander the north.

Park even found fault with the north's line on simultaneously developing the two fronts.

During her European trip she made no scruple of slandering the north, revealing before the international community her stand of insulting the north where her fellow countrymen live.

Third, Park proposed "recovering homogeneity between inhabitants in the south and the north". She also called for creating opportunities for them to meet often.

How can NGO contacts be expanded without premise on improving the north-south relations?

It is an abnormal way of thinking to demand the north denuclearize itself first, while becoming vocal that the north's nukes only are problematic and the nukes in the U.S. and south Korea do not pose any problem.

If they hope for a world without nuclear weapons, they should dismantle their nukes first.

Park should look after the south Korean inhabitants first before talking about others.

Suspicious is her mentality as she calls for dialogue with the north while harshly criticizing it.

It is not a proper stand on dialogue to propose anything which the north can hardly accept.

In a word, her proposal is an insult to the north and is of no help to mending the north-south ties.

It is likely to further deteriorate the north-south ties.

If the north-south ties plunge into a total deadlock due to her proposal, Park will be held wholly responsible for making a speech full of lies in Dresden in order to slander the north and continue pursuing the policy of antagonizing fellow countrymen.

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