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WPK's Line on Simultaneously Carrying On Economic Construction, Building of Nuclear Forces Is Justifiable
Pyongyang, April 3 (KCNA) -- The international political order has now been under the influence of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, all of which are nuclear states.

The cold war had persisted worldwide and there have been a number of wars in various regions for nearly 70 years after the emergence of nukes, but there has been no military aggression on any of the nuclear weapon states.

Instead, the nuclear powers have engaged themselves in arbitrariness against non-nuclear weapon states.

The U.S. cruise missile attack on a sovereign state in daylight and violation of innocent people's right to existence have been considered to be justifiable ones aimed at "defending the world peace and human rights".

It is the only way for sovereign nations to possess their own powerful war deterrent in order to create peaceful environment and conditions for their economic development and improvement of people's living.

Tragedies caused in different countries and regions in recent years remind one of the validity and vitality of the line of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) on simultaneously carrying on the economic construction and the building of nuclear forces.

But, the hostile forces are making distortion of the essence of the line, terming it "unscientific" and "bellicose".

On the one hand, they are pressurizing the DPRK to give up the nukes for economic development and, on the other hand, they are cajoling it with honeyed words that they will help it develop the economy once it abandons the nukes. Such moves are nothing but an attempt to prevent the DPRK from growing stronger in face of all sorts of challenges.

Now the DPRK, as a full-fledged nuclear state, has a favorable condition to concentrate all efforts on economic construction and improvement of people's living in reliance upon the powerful war deterrent.

The hostile forces are seeking to suffocate the DPRK by inveigling it into arms race, but the DPRK is channeling big efforts into economic construction and improvement of the people's living while steadily beefing up war deterrent without increasing defense expenditures.

Bolstering self-defensive nuclear deterrent precisely means economic construction.

Sustained development of nuclear and space rocket technologies is instrumental to upgrading the nation's science to the world's level.

Development of the Juche-oriented atomic power industry also makes it possible to settle the nation's electricity shortage.

Indeed, the line has turned the DPRK's geopolitical position into one decisive of the world's political structure.

The DPRK can greatly benefit from nuclear test and it will drastically cut down investment into manufacturing conventional weapons but channel more fund into developing the economy. This is the view of the entire Korean nation and the world's progressives on the WPK's line.

The WPK's new line is scientific and truthful.

The DPRK people will steadfastly maintain the line they have chosen in face of all sorts of challenges.

Time and justice stand on the side of the DPRK and final victory is in store for it.

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