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DPRK Workers Vow to Wipe Out S. Korean Pirates
Pyongyang, April 3 (KCNA) -- Atrocities committed by a group of south Korean naval pirates against the crewmen of a DPRK fishing boat have lashed all the people in the DPRK, including workers, into fury.

Jang Chol Ryong, the crew leader of a furnace at the Chollima Steel Complex, said:

The workers of the complex are in a mind to bring into electric furnace the group of pirates and other human dregs such as Park Geun Hye who has patronized them.

The pirates on Paekryong Island and the south Korean military, bereft of elementary morality, are villains without parallel in the world and the source of misfortune.

Words do not go through with such villains. What is needed is to beat with a sledgehammer into pieces those gangsters hell-bent on confrontation with fellow countrymen.

Kim Myong Sik, manager of the Tonggu Housing Construction Company, said:

The criminal acts committed by the pirates on Paekryong Island can never be tolerated.

Paekryong Island, used as a base for spying on the DPRK for scores of years, should have been burnt to ashes long ago.

It is the will of the workers of my company to make the south Korean military gangsters pay a dear price for their inhumane acts.

Kwon Sun Il, a worker at the Taehung Youth Hero Mine, said:

It is so natural to punish before anybody else Park Geun Hye, who defends such military gangsters engaged in atrocities against fellow countrymen while calling for "human rights" and "initiative on peaceful unification" outside.

Park and her group of traitors should be put into a dead pit.

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