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DPRK Servicepersons Vow to Punish S. Korean Military Gangsters
Pyongyang, April 3 (KCNA) -- All servicepersons in the DPRK are now vowing to take thousand-fold revenge on the south Korean military provokers who committed shuddering atrocities against its sailors.

The naval gangsters of south Korea recently seized a fishing boat of the DPRK and beat its defenseless crewmen into coma with iron bars and put them in fetters, forcing "defection".

Han Kyong Nam, an officer of the Korean People's Army, told KCNA:

It is the strong will of my unit to blow up the den of the gangsters with shower of fire.

Such rude gangsterism can never be tolerated and our army's merciless shelling is fit for the south Korean military and its gangsters preoccupied by confrontation conception.

Kim Myong Chol, a KPA officer, said:

The south Korean military has staged ceaseless war games in league with the U.S. and conducted anti-DPRK leaflet scattering. Not content with such provocations, its gangers attacked our fishing boat and its crewmen in a cruel manner this time.

This piracy is a serious provocation to the DPRK that can never be overlooked.

The south Korean military gangsters should not expect any mercy from the DPRK whose servicepersons will annihilate all those savages to the last one.

Pak Kwang Hyok, a KPA noncommissioned officer, said:

The recent provocation by those pirates on Paekryong Island was apparently manipulated by Park Geun Hye, the boss of Chongwadae, and the military warmongers.

We are fully ready to mete out a punishment to the Park Geun Hye group keen in doing all sorts of evils.

Once an order is given, the Paektusan army will reduce into ashes the enemy's naval base on Paekryong Island and all other dens of provokers.

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