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S. Korean Civic Organization Launches Hunger Strike
Pyongyang, April 3 (KCNA) -- The Emergency Situation Council to Denounce IS Interference in Presidential Election for Political Operation in south Korea entered into a hunger strike calling for staging a 100,000-people candlelight action in protest against the present regime's injustice, according to the south Korean paper Labor and World.

A press conference for declaring the hunger strike took place at Chonggye Square in Seoul on March 31.

At the press conference, speakers charged that the truth behind the election rigging with the Intelligence Service, the military, etc. involved in it was disclosed but anyone has not yet been punished.

Those criminals including Nam Jae Jun, IS director, Hwang Kyo An, minister of Justice, and Kim Kwan Jin, minister of Defence, should certainly be dismissed and the IS, a group of criminals, be dissolved, they held.

Injustice such as the election rigging can not be connived at, they said, calling for turning out in the action to denounce the election rigging by the Park Guen Hye's group and punish the prime movers.

They called for staging the 100,000-people candlelight action on the day marking the 54th anniversary of the April 19 Uprising in which the people turned out in the action in protest against the election rigging by Syngman Rhee.

A press release was read out.

It said that there is no democracy in south Korea where one can hardly breathe.

It called for sternly punishing those involved in the election rigging and fabrication of the spy case and launching a special inspection for probing the truth.

It noted that members of the council would stage a hunger strike at Chonggye Square till April 19 in the do-or-die spirit and conduct a signature campaign, information activities, press conference, candlelight rally, etc.

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