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Bumper Harvest of Mushroom in Chongsan Village
Pyongyang, April 3 (KCNA) -- Chongsan Co-op Farm, Kangso District, Nampho City got big profits through mushroom growing.

There are modern greenhouses covering thousands of square meters and small greenhouses in dozens of threshing grounds of workteams on the farm and in the gardens of more than a thousand houses.

Farmers cultivate vegetables of various species in summer and mushrooms in autumn and winter there.

A total of 60 tons of mushroom were harvested from September last year to March this year.

The farm has started cultivating mushroom in a big way since 20 years back.

It helped farmers bear in mind that mushroom growing is important for improving the diet of the people. It, at the same time, intensified the dissemination of science and technology for mushroom growing such as cultivating spores and substrate in close touch with the Central Mushroom Research Institute of the State Academy of Sciences.

Mushroom was cultivated on an experiment basis at the greenhouses in the farm seat while exemplary units were chosen for generalizing their experience in other units and households.

As a result, mushroom harvest has shown a steady increase every year. Over 50 households harvested more than 200 kg of mushroom on average.

The mushroom growing is contributing to steadily improving the farmers' living and the farm's financial conditions.

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