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Kim Il Sung's Reminiscences, Kim Jong Un's Work Studied in Romania, Mexico
Pyongyang, April 3 (KCNA) -- A reading session, a seminar and a briefing on the reminiscences of President Kim Il Sung and a work of supreme leader Kim Jong Un were held in Romania and Mexico on Mar. 25 and 27 on the occasion of the birth anniversary of the President.

Vasile Orleanu, chairman of the Supreme Council of the Socialist Party of Romania, read out the first volume of Part 1 The Anti-Japanese Revolution of "With the Century", reminiscences of the President, and said:

The President, born into a patriotic and revolutionary family, was the great leader who embarked on the road of revolution in his teens, founded the immortal Juche idea and successfully led the struggle for the prosperity of the country and people's happiness.

The reminiscences "With the Century" written by the President offers us an opportunity to know well how great he was.

He was a prominent leader deeply revered by not only the Korean people but the world people.

Therefore, preparatory committees for celebrating his birth anniversary are being formed in many countries to mark it as a common holiday of humankind.

We warmly congratulate the Korean people on greeting the Day of the Sun (his birth anniversary).

Juan Campos Vega, chairman of the Mexican Institute for the Study of the Juche Idea, explained in detail the contents of Kim Jong Un's work "The Great Kim Il Sung Is the Eternal Leader of Our Party and Our People".

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