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DPRK Fishermen Call for Severe Punishment of Pirates
Pyongyang, April 2 (KCNA) -- Officials and workers in the fishery field of the DPRK have strongly urged a harsh punishment of the south Korean navy gangsters who committed outrages on defenseless crewmen of the DPRK on its territorial waters in the West Sea.

Ri Yong Chol, chief engineer of the Marine Transport Management Bureau under the Ministry of Land and Maritime Transport, told KCNA:

The atrocities of the south Korean gangsters are tantamount to piracy that can never be pardoned in view of international norms.

The world has seen precedents that distressed crewmen were rescued on sea and offered necessary convenience, but no such instance as the fact that the south Korean gangsters fired at a peaceable fishing boat and beat its crewmen into coma with murder weapons, forcing defection on them.

The south Korean military has perhaps gone mad. As a proverb says that a club is fit for a mad dog, all the pirates on Paekryong Island, a den of evils, should be beaten to death.

Choe Kyong Ju, a fleet chief at the Kamapho Fishing Station, said:

Fishermen and all other employees of the station are hardening their will to annihilate the provokers.

By nature, nothing is more precious than morals to sailors who are always on sea. But the south Korean navy gangsters attacked with arms our peaceable fishing boat in distress and even abducted its crewmen by use of iron bars. How can we pardon such villains?

Those unethical gangsters should be buried at sea in time without mercy.

Rim Chol, a department director of the Ministry of Fisheries, said:

It will be hard to see peaceful sea if the group of pirates without human ethics are allowed to go free.

The pirates' atrocities are ascribable to egis of Park Geun Hye keen on anti-DPRK confrontation moves. She instigated her hirelings to go about anti-DPRK piracy while traveling abroad with such rhetoric as "unification era".

What is urgently needed is to give a decisive punishment to Park and the south Korean military gangsters.

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