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DPRK People Urge Shower of Shells on S. Korean Provokers
Pyongyang, April 2 (KCNA) -- Citizens in the DPRK are now hardening their will to shower fire of revenge on the south Korean military hooligans for their cruel atrocities.

The gangsters recently seized a fishing boat of the DPRK in its territorial waters in the West Sea of Korea and forced "defection" on its sailors by use of guns, iron bars and hooks.

Such rude atrocities against humanity lashed the DPRK people into a great fury all at once.

Choe Song Jin, a writer of the C.C., Writers Union of Korea, told KCNA:

They are undoubtedly not Koreans but loonies.

The pirates intruded into our territorial waters under the screen of night to seize the boat and commit outrages on its crewmen. Nevertheless, they have the impudence to assert that the case was a "step taken for the safety of sailors" in bad sea conditions and the sailors were sent back home in view of "humanitarianism". Then, how can we regard them as in normal state of thinking?

The recent case fully revealed the true colors of the Park Geun Hye group that would pull up others over the "human rights" issue.

The group of pirates keen on cruelty should be wiped out to the last one with shower of shells.

Kim Hyok Hwan, a department director of the C.C., Red Cross Society of Korea, said:

The recent deeds of the south Korean military gangsters are a heinous crime against humanity without parallel in the world.

In the past the DPRK warmly treated with brotherly love south Korean sailors who illegally intruded into its territorial waters, and sent them back in view of compatriotism and humanitarianism.

But the south Korean military gangsters are talking about someone's "human rights" and "ethics" though they committed such hideous crimes hard to image. This is the height of impudence and they are just the cruelest abusers of human rights and immoral savages.

It is a mockery and insult to the noble spirit of the Red Cross for those villains to talk about compatriotism and humanitarianism.

The south Korean authorities should severely punish the ringleaders of the case and all those involved in it. If not, the DPRK army and people's revenge will burst forth like an erupting volcano to turn the dens of criminals into a sea of flames.

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