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S. Korean Scholar Blasts Park Geun Hye's Anti-Reunification Speech in Germany
Pyongyang, April 1 (KCNA) -- An article written by scholar Ko Sung U was posted on the south Korean internet paper Voice of People on March 30. The article denounced anti-reunification remarks made by the south Korean chief executive.

Referring to the "three-point proposal for laying a foundation for peaceful unification" made by Park Geun Hye during her trip to Germany, the article said:

The three-point proposal, namely "settlement of humanitarian issues", "laying of a foundation for improving the people's livelihood" and the "restoration of homogeneity of the people in the south and the north", is nothing but empty words and something disappointing.

She did not utter even a word about the U.S.-south Korea joint military exercises now under way in south Korea, escalating military tensions on the Korean peninsula and throwing the people into fear.

She chose Germany as a place to make the speech which had no special contents to speak of. This arouses skepticism as to whether she had not presupposed "unification through absorption" of the north.

The Park Geun Hye regime is pursuing the policy of pressurizing and blockading the north together with the U.S. and openly staging military exercises to cope with "contingency" in the DPRK, while shunning the implementation of the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration just as the Lee Myung Bak regime did, only to be rebuffed by the north.

After taking office, Park persistently insisted on "May 24 step" and did not come out for improving the south-north relations, asserting that the south-north exchanges and cooperation can be possible only when the "north's nuclear issue" is settled.

This shows that Park's recent proposal only stokes distrust between the south and the north.

The article stressed that the blueprint for reunification is already clarified in the July 4 joint statement and the June 15 joint declaration.

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