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News Analyst on Vulgar Diplomacy of S. Korean Ruler
Pyongyang, April 1 (KCNA) -- Park Geun Hye, the host of Chongwadae, has disgraced the Korean nation, touring other countries after coming to power in south Korea.

During her recent trip to Germany, she viciously maligned the DPRK, with her mouth that had called for "halt to slandering among the fellow countrymen".

Shunning to the rapidly-changing reality of the DPRK, Park talked jargon on the basis of a scenario worked out by the "Intelligence Service" with the defectors' vituperations that the DPRK suffers "economic difficulty" and "food shortage". And she talked about "restoration of homogeneity", provoking a side-splitting laughter.

She also put forth a "unification proposal" woven with junk only to arouse ridicules and criticism even from among her hirelings.

Park seems to have neither an elementary political philosophy nor idea, and no sign as befitting a member of the Korean nation is seen in her.

It would be better to call her a "lowbrow politician" as she acts like a meddlesome countrywoman, not knowing where she stands.

She had already behaved in a shameful manner during her foreign tours to stun all her fellow countrymen.

In Netherlands, she parroted a foolish speech written by her ignorant aides over the DPRK's nuclear issue to bring disgrace to herself under the eyes of the world.

When she arrived at an airport in New York, there was no American official to greet her. But she, instead of feeling affronted and expressing anger, spoke in broken English at a Congress meeting to become a butt for ridicule. Her clumsy behaviors were witnessed in Britain and France, too.

So, people from all walks of life in south Korea criticized such disgusting behaviors as "acme of the nation's dishonor" and an "act of losing her position as a sovereign".

There is some reason in the fact that Japan's newsweekly Shukanbunshun ridiculed what Park did as diplomacy of an auntie who would break out in invectives.

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