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Park Geun Hye's European Tour Brings Disgrace to Korean Nation
Pyongyang, April 1 (KCNA) -- Park Geun Hye's foolish behavior has brought disgrace to the Korean nation as the days go by. She did the same during her European tour.

In Dresden, Germany, she made public a "plan for peaceful unification of the Korean Peninsula".

As far as her plan is concerned, it is little different from "proposal for unification" and "confidence-building process" much touted by her in south Korea, which have been criticized as "unilateral plan" and "policy toward the north without core issues".

Park Geun Hye, ill-famed as chatterbox, has made a string of seductive remarks, while being puffed up with self-importance. Her behavior reminds everyone of a spinster wandering to hunt for a "political husband".

But her specious words lured political swindlers and extreme conservatives only like traitors to the nation or agents of the "Intelligence Service".

To tell the truth, no one likes capricious Park as she gave up or reversed all her commitments to bettering the people's living she made during her "presidential election" campaign.

She worked out the "confidence-building process", a policy of confrontation against the country's reunification, only to excite public anger.

Under these circumstances, it is said that if she made public anything against the national interests, she would be shot to death like her father.

Probably for this reason, it seems that she went to Europe to make public the above-said "plan for unification".

But her announcement of the plan, the keynotes of which are "settlement of humanitarian issues", "building of infrastructure for common prosperity" and "restoration of homogeneity", invited strong criticism and protest of Korean residents in Germany.

Lurking behind her plan is a sinister intention for "unification by absorption", which will escalate north-south confrontation and war danger and keep national division permanently.

Even a senior German politician, who was agape at her foolish doings, advised her that she should open mind and lend an ear to north Koreans.

Park Geun Hye, bereft of national dignity, is doomed to a stern punishment of the nation.

By Jo Yong Ok, an official of the International Affairs Department of the C.C., Democratic Women's Union of Korea.

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