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Suppression of Railway Trade Union Protested in S. Korea
Pyongyang, March 31 (KCNA) -- At least 4 000 members of the Railway Trade Union of south Korea held a rally at the plaza of Seoul Railway Station on Mar. 25 for vowing a general strike in protest against the Railway Company's suppression of the trade union, according to the south Korean paper Hangyore.

At the rally speakers said the Railway Company is resorting to such suppression as massive disciplinary measures and reparation for damage as they staged a strike in protest against privatization of railway service. This is entirely a retaliatory suppression, they noted.

They declared they would no longer connive at the act of the company engrossed in suppression only after turning down the demand of the trade union.

Then, Chairman Kim Myong Hwan and more than 100 trade unionists held a ceremony for having their hair cut and strongly protested against the company's suppression.

They decided to have their hair cut in order to oppose the privatization of railway service and realize the demand of the trade union, they said, stressing that they would continue the general strike in the future, too.

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