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Rodong Sinmun Supports WPK's New Strategic Line
Pyongyang, March 31 (KCNA) -- One year has passed since Marshal Kim Jong Un set forth the new strategic line on simultaneously pushing forward economic construction and the building of nuclear force at the March 2013 Plenary Meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK).

The new strategic line is a valuable crystal brought by the unshakable faith and will of the illustrious brilliant commander to finally settle accounts with the U.S. through an all-out confrontation with it which has wantonly infringed upon the sovereignty and dignity of the Korean nation century after century, says Rodong Sinmun Monday in an article.

The article goes on:

The WPK's line associated with the courage of Mt. Paektu, matchless stratagem, steadfast faith and steel-strong will has become the immortal banner dynamically arousing all Koreans to a nation-wide struggle against the U.S.

The line is strategic one to foil outside forces' pressure and challenges of aggression, firmly protect the dignity and sovereignty of the country and nation and reunify the country in the spirit of bold offensive.

The DPRK's peaceable efforts for building a thriving nation have been accompanied by an acute struggle against hostile forces.

The U.S. doesn't want to see the Koreans being well off in a reunified country.

It is leaving no means untried to disarm the DPRK of its nuclear weapons and topple its social system. It has become evermore undisguised in its moves to stamp out the DPRK politically, isolate it economically and stifle it militarily.

The more desperately the U.S. is engaged in its carrot-and-stick operations against the DPRK, talking about "abandonment of nukes", the more tightly the service personnel and people of the DPRK will take the nuclear treasured sword and stage a dynamic struggle for protecting the sovereignty of the nation and reunifying the country independently and peacefully.

No one is entitled to find fault with the WPK's new strategic line as it is not stopgap one but strategic one to be constantly held fast to.

One can defend justice only when one returns the nukes with nukes.

The DPRK's nuclear deterrence is not ghost-like one which should be dismantled unless the U.S. recognizes it and which exists only when the latter recognizes it. Both time and justice take sides with the DPRK armed with nuclear deterrence.

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