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DPRK People Vow Revenge on S. Korean Military Gangsters
Pyongyang, March 30 (KCNA) -- A formation of speedboats under the second fleet of the south Korean navy intruded into the territorial waters of the DPRK side before forcibly carrying away a DPRK's fishing boat to Paekryong Island to force defection upon its crewmen.

In this regard, a spokesman for the General Staff of the Korean People's Army warned that the DPRK side would never pardon such brutality committed by the south Korean navy gangsters and force them to pay due price.

After returning home on board their ship, the crewmen called a press conference to disclose the human right abuses enforced upon them by the south Korean puppet military gangsters. They stressed the case made them harden their will to make a showdown with the south Korean puppet forces at any cost.

Enraged at this news, the working people from all walks of life and youth and students in the DPRK are strongly demanding that all those pirates be punished to the last.

Pak Kyong Chol, an official of the Ministry of Fisheries, told KCNA:

It is an international usage to rescue any wrecked ship and its crew, ensure their convenience and immediately turn them back to home from the humanitarian point of view.

But the south Korean puppet military gangsters fired at our fishing boat mistaking its course and entranced the crewmen by beating with iron bar. This is an unprecedented human rights abuse and a heinous crime.

Such villains, inferior to a beast, should never be pardoned. My anger will be relieved only when I see Paekryong Island, a den of butchers, turned into a sea of fire.

Han Kyong Chol, a section chief of the C.C., Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League, said:

The recent provocations to the DPRK by the Park Geun Hye-led south Korean gangsters like leaflet scattering, seizure of our fishing boat and violence against its crewmen show that they are not human beings and they are only keen on confrontation with fellow countrymen.

We, five millions of youths, are ready to become bombs and missiles to sweep away at one blow those gangsters in Paekryong Island.

If the south Korean authorities have even an iota of conscience, they should dismember all of those involved in the fishing boat case.

Kim Myong Guk, a student of Kim Hyong Jik University of Education, said:

As a discharged soldier, I am eager to take arms at once and shoot every villain wandering about the five islands in the West Sea to death.

The south Korean forces will face a harsher punishment than the Yonphyong Island shelling if they act rashly like a puppy knowing no fear of a tiger, he added.

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