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Possibility of Sinking of Cheonan Warship by Torpedo Totally Dismissed
Pyongyang, March 28 (KCNA) -- A Korean scientist in the U.S., expert on anti-submarine warfare, at a press conference held on Mar. 25 dismissed the claim that the south Korean Cheonan warship sank by a torpedo four years ago, according to the south Korean internet paper Jaju Minbo.

He held there was almost no possibility of the Cheonan warship being sunk by a torpedo just as he claimed in the past.

It was unprecedented in the history of naval battle that a torpedo exploded under waters, sinking the warship, not by directly hitting it, he insisted, and went on:

The report had no evidence to scientifically clarify its sinking by a torpedo.

Therefore, the U.S. ambassador in Seoul was skeptical about the report and a foreign investigation group suggested the possibility of the warship's sinking by a mine, etc. Many other people did not believe in the conclusion made by the south Korean investigation group.

In a nutshell, the report is politically biased as it produced no scientific evidence. He expressed belief that truth was bound to be probed.

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