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DPRK Citizens Enraged at S. Korea's Provocations
Pyongyang, March 28 (KCNA) -- The servicepersons and civilians in the DPRK are now enraged at the recent leaflet scattering the south Korean authorities committed again to slander the dignity of its supreme leadership and social system.

Pak Song, an officer of the Korean People's Army, told KCNA:

Such reckless action by the south Korean military gangsters can never be pardoned as it is the most serious case that viciously infringed on the DPRK's sovereignty.

Worse still, they conducted the scattering of leaflets for an insult to the sacred dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership, our life and soul, from the five islands in the West Sea of Korea, the biggest hotspot where the two sides are standing in acute military confrontation. Perhaps they are dying to feel what our army's missile strike is like.

Though the north-south relations and peace are precious to us, we can never show slightest mercy to the provocateurs who dared insult the dignity of our supreme leadership.

Give us an attack order to wipe out at once the group of heinous gangsters from the earth.

Ri Chol Bom, a student of the Global Environment Science Faculty of Kim Il Sung University, said:

The south Korean authorities talked nonsense about "freedom of speech" after letting human scum and right-wing conservatives scatter anti-DPRK leaflets.

They have the impudence to call for "confidence" and "peace" while committing such hideous act of insulting the dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership and its social system.

Their reckless action is a mockery of all the fellow countrymen ardently wishing for the improved north-south relations.

The south Korean authorities should not be pardoned as they reneged on the north-south agreement on putting an end to the smear campaign, not content with the anti-DPRK nuclear war rehearsals launched together with foreign forces.

The students and younger generations in the DPRK are of the view that they can never go together under the same sky with such provocateurs.

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