calendar>> March 28. 2014 Juche 103
DPRK Praised by Nigerian Organization
Pyongyang, March 28 (KCNA) -- An article titled "Stability of Korean Society" was posted on an internet website by the Nigerian National Committee for the Study of the Juche Idea on March 13.

The article said:

The DPRK is steadily advancing along the road of socialism free from any socio-political instability despite the stern trial of history.

It has perfect socio-political stability amid the absolute support of the people quite contrary to the western media propaganda.

Where is the key to this stability?

First, it is thanks to the guiding idea of the DPRK.

The people are the master of everything and everything serves them in this country guided by the man-centered Juche idea.

Second, it is thanks to the single-minded unity of Korean society.

The leader, the Party and the masses in the DPRK form a community united by the same destiny.

Supreme leader Kim Jong Un is the center of the unity in Korean society.

Third, it is thanks to the popular policies being enforced in the country.

The people deem it a due right to be provided with a stable life by the state from the date of their birth. The state regards it an obligation to ensure their living conditions and provides all rights of a social being to them including rights to work, rest and receive free education and free healthcare. This is Korean society.

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