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DPRK Citizens Vow to Punish S. Korean Provocateurs
Pyongyang, March 27 (KCNA) -- The south Korean military group Monday committed such hideous provocations as firing bullets and shells from the five islands and their vicinity in the West Sea of Korea and scattering leaflets hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership and social system in the DPRK, while persistently floating the story about "the north's involvement in the 'Cheonan' warship sinking case".

Such reckless actions have pushed the north-south relations to an uncontrollable catastrophe, bringing the Korean Peninsula again into a touch-and-go situation.

In this regard, the DPRK people are now hardening their will to take merciless reprisal against the provocateurs.

Han Pyong Uk, a worker of the Pyongyang Thermal Power Complex, told KCNA:

The imprudent provocations can be made only by the gangsters steeped in confrontation hysteria to the marrow of their bones.

It is said that one should return good intentions for good intentions. But the south Korean authorities launched nuclear war rehearsals against the DPRK, disregarding its good faith, and even broke the north-south agreement calling for a halt to each other's slandering. This is a mockery of the nation.

Jo Chol Min, a student of Phyongsong University of Coal Mining, said:

The south Korean authorities can never be tolerated as they again made reckless actions to spoil the improvement of north-south relations so ardently desired by all the fellow countrymen.

There's an adage saying that a club is fit for a mad dog. Those who point an accusing finger at the sky should be given a stern punishment.

We students will take arms in our hands, instead of pens, to make a merciless reprisal against the south Korean military gangsters, if they persist in vicious psychological warfare to incite distrust, confrontation and war fever.

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