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New Evidence of State-Sponsored Sexual Slavery for Imperial Japanese Army Disclosed
Pyongyang, March 27 (KCNA) -- Data proving that the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army was enforced by the Japanese imperialists' "Law on National Mobilization" were disclosed, according to the Yonhap News of south Korea on Mar. 24.

The law was enacted for the purpose of meeting the needs of manpower and material resources for escalating the war of aggression, it added.

This fact was disclosed when the archives in Jilin Province, China opened to media 25 papers concerning the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army after they were declassified out of the documents that had been left behind by the Command of the former Kwantung Army of Japan.

Among them was a letter carried in a monthly report on the examination of posts submitted by a local department of examination of the Imperial Japanese Army in 1941.

The letter was written by a Japanese resident in the area of Heihe, Heilongjiang Province of China to his colleague in Niigata Prefecture of Japan at that time. It said there were about 20 women in the comfort station, all of them being Koreans drafted under the above-said law.

Before the defeat of the Japanese Imperialists they widely enforced the system of censoring the letters and telegrams of service members and civilians in a bid to prevent the leakage of military secrets. Under this system MP units in various areas regularly reported the results of the censorship to the gendarmerie of the army.

The letter fully disclosed that the sexual slavery was enforced by a state measure.

Among the data were the fact that the Korean women among those forced into sexual slavery were described as "special comfort women", phone records of the Manchuria Central Bank proving that the Imperial Japanese Army took away women in a planned manner and a report of the gendarmerie saying that more comfort women should be drafted on the spot as their number was insufficient, etc.

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