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CPRK Denounces Park Geun Hye's Provocative Remarks over Nuclear Issue
Pyongyang, March 27 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) Wednesday gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA blasting Park Geun Hye of south Korea for making provocative remarks for no reason over the DPRK's nuclear issue at the 3rd "nuclear security summit" held in Netherlands:

Recently Park let loose a string of very reckless remarks against the DPRK, groundlessly accusing it over its nuclear issue at the summit.

Though she is a faithful servant and stooge of the U.S., she should have properly wagged her tongue on the basis of hard facts or elementary common sense.

Had she had the idea of uttering even a proper word at the summit, she should have chided the U.S., among others, for being the first to produce nuclear weapons, proliferating them, bringing horrible nuclear disasters to humankind and stockpiling more nukes than any other countries in the world to pose constant nuclear threat still now.

As far as the instability of nuclear facilities is concerned, she should have mentioned, first of all, nuclear power plants in south Korea which had to stop operations due to troubles many times in a year and sparked rows over the leakage of contaminated nuclear substance and horrible disasters at nuclear power plants in Japan and the U.S.

Funny enough, Park, a U.S. nuclear war servant, talked about a "world without nuclear weapons", parroting what her master uttered. But great irony was that she asserted the building of such world should start from the "north's dismantlement" of its nukes. This either betrayed the lack of her knowledge about where to start or where to end or revealed that she had the same ulterior motive as the U.S.'s.

This time Park took issue even with the DPRK's line of developing the two fronts simultaneously, groundlessly finding fault with its nukes. By doing so, she crudely violated the agreement made at the north-south high-level contact on halting the smear campaign.

Does she have the face to talk about "confidence" and "sincerity"?

The north-south agreement is neither an "election commitment" on which the south Korean rulers are apt to renege anytime nor an empty promise which the philistines used to fail to keep.

If Park truly wants to improve the inter-Korean relations, she should be careful about what she says, and have discretion and reason to get a habit of refraining from making reckless remarks.

She made a serious blunder.

Explicitly speaking about the nuclear issue, there may be the denuclearization of the whole Korean peninsula but no "north's unilateral denuclearization" under any circumstances. She had better not have even a dream about it.

The "world without nuclear weapons" is, of course, a good thing but she should cogitate again about what should be its starting point and have the courage to say what she would like to talk to her American master who produced nuclear weapons first and poses the biggest nuclear threat to the world.

Only then is it possible to find a right way of solving the nuclear issue.

We will keep a watch on Park's undesirable behavior.

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