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Declaration on Situation Published by S. Korean Elders
Pyongyang, March 26 (KCNA) -- 262 elders from all walks of life in south Korea held a press conference in Seoul on March 25 at which they issued a declaration on the situation, according to the south Korean Internet paper Jaju Minbo.

The declaration accused the Intelligence Service of persistently resorting to such political maneuvering as opening to public the minutes of a north-south summit and fabricating spy cases since its interference in the election.

Though the last election was clearly proved to be an illegal one, but the truth behind the case has not been probed and those involved in it have not been punished, it said. A fraudulent election will go on in the future.

The declaration urged the "National Assembly" to conduct a special investigation into power organs' interference in the election and fabrication of false cases.

The present chief executive should make an apology to the people for power organs' continued fraudulent political operations and human rights abuses and dismiss Nam Jae Jun, director of the Intelligence Service, Hang Kyo An, minister of Justice, and Kim Kwan Jin, minister of Defence, it said.

The declaration also said that they would carry on actions to probe the truth behind the fraudulent election and the fabrication of false cases and force the chief executive to step down.

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