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Large-scale Command Post Drills of U.S., S. Korean Marine Corps Staged
Pyongyang, March 25 (KCNA) -- U.S. Marines staged large-scale command post drills together with the south Korean marine corps in Phohang, North Kyongsang Province, Taegu and other areas from March 15 to 23, according to the south Korean Yonhap News.

Involved there were the 3rd marine troops of the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces who had been hurled into south Korea by transport planes and transport craft and a large number of troops of the south Korean marine corps.

The warmongers were busy with war drills for rapidly deploying their troops and hardware through a network connection between Phohang where the command post was operating and Taegu where the troops were conducting operations under various simulated conditions on the Korean peninsula.

It is the first time that the U.S. marines staged such drills after forming a group of staff officers for a combat together with the south Korean marine corps.

The U.S. imperialists are escalating the war exercises for aggression pursuant to their scenario for a preemptive attack on the DPRK, pushing the situation on the peninsula to the worst phase.

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