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U.S. Hostile Policy toward DPRK Accused by Organizations of Indonesia, Nigeria
Pyongyang, March 25 (KCNA) -- Organizations of Indonesia and Nigeria issued statements on March 16 and 17 in denunciation of the ever-more undisguised U.S. moves to stifle the DPRK.

The Indonesian Federation of Transport Workers Unions said:

It is only the Korean peninsula where the tragedy of territorial and national division is going on and military tension and war danger are escalating due to the U.S. hostile policy towards the DPRK which is being modified and supplemented with harsher contents with each passing day.

The U.S. "sanctions", "isolation and blockade" and undisguised military threats to the DPRK over its nuclear deterrent for self-defence are pushing the situation on the Korean peninsula to the unpredictable brink of war and the former's "human rights" racket has reached an extreme phase, going beyond the danger level.

The U.S. should drop its bad habit of interfering in the internal affairs of other countries incurring its displeasure, and perpetrating aggression against them.

We urge the U.S. to roll back its anachronistic hostile policy toward the DPRK and lift all measures pursuant to it, have a correct understanding and viewpoint stand on the latter's nuclear deterrent and immediately stop its groundless "human rights" campaign against the latter.

The Nigeria-Korea Friendship Association noted:

The U.S. has resorted to cunning and foolish moves to undermine the ideology and bring down social system of the DPRK, groundlessly finding fault with whatever done by the Korean people for the past several decades.

The U.S. should drop the bad habit of taking issue with other's affairs and make a policy decision to roll back its anachronistic hostile policy towards the DPRK as soon as possible.

The final victory is in store for the Korean people struggling for justice.

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