calendar>> March 24. 2014 Juche 103
Swiss Organizations Condemn U.S. Hostile Policy towards DPRK
Pyongyang, March 24 (KCNA) -- The Switzerland-Korea Committee and the Swiss Group for the Study of the Juche Idea released a joint statement on March 15.

It said:

The U.S. should make a policy decision to roll back its hostile policy towards the DPRK and lift all the measures pursuant to the policy, though belatedly.

The U.S. should have a proper viewpoint and stand on the DPRK's nuclear deterrence and stop behaving foolishly, letting loose a string of reckless remarks that the "DPRK's dismantlement of its nukes first" is the "keynote" of the hostile policy towards it.

The U.S. should stop at once its groundless "human rights" racket against the DPRK which began as part of its new hostile policy towards the latter.

To roll back its worn-out hostile policy towards the DPRK would be beneficial not only to meeting the U.S. interests but also to ensuring the security of its mainland.

The U.S. should bear this in mind.

Socialist Korea remains stable as the party, army and people are single-mindedly united and it will make a steady advance in the future, too.

The imperialists and reactionaries can never realize their wild ambition to bring down Korean-style socialism.

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