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Medical Association of Korea
Pyongyang, March 19 (KCNA) -- The 16th Symposium on Medical Science, to be attended by Korean medical scientists at home and abroad, will be held here in May under the sponsorship of the Medical Association of Korea (MAK).

Founded on June 19, Juche 59 (1970), the MAK is the only standing social organization in medical science field, whose mission is to improve the health workers' level of medical science and technology and develop the nation's medical science through sci-tech exchanges.

It has more than 70 sectional associations and hundreds of branches, involving tens of thousands of health workers and medical experts with academic degree holders included.

The Association organizes various symposiums, workshops and lectures on medical science to introduce and generalize excellent scientific papers, experience and achievements and solve sci-tech problems arising in practice.

It also conducts sci-tech exchanges and cooperation with overseas Korean and foreign medical scientists and international and national medical organizations across the world. It sponsored a number of international symposiums on medical science in Pyongyang and strengthened the exchanges with medical experts in 30-odd countries, applying latest research findings in the public health field of the DPRK.

With an aim of developing the nation's medical science and technology, the MAK has regularly organized the Pyongyang symposium on medical science of compatriots at home and abroad since 1999.

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