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Collection of Revolutionary Anecdotes Published
Pyongyang, March 18 (KCNA) -- Vol. 1 of "Collection of Kim Il Sung's Anecdotes", a cycle of revolutionary anecdotes, was published in the DPRK.

The cycle records in serial volumes many revolutionary anecdotes which deal with the more than eight decades-long glorious revolutionary life of President Kim Il Sung in a chronological order.

The anecdotes were written on the basis of the President's reminiscences about his career, leader Kim Jong Il's recollection of the President and the reminiscences given by family members and those persons who witnessed the revolutionary activities of the President.

They also include stories which serve as references for understanding revolutionary anecdotes.

Vol. 1 has four chapters dealing with the revolutionary anecdotes of the President's childhood from April, Juche 1 (1912) to June, Juche 15 (1926).

The first chapter "Childhood" deals with anecdotes related to the birth of the President and those anecdotes telling about how he showed distinguished natural talents, spending his childhood in a patriotic and revolutionary family generation after generation.

The second chapter "In a Foreign Land" contains anecdotes about the facts that the President left the country and lived in Linjiang and Badaogou.

The third chapter "Days at Changdok School" deals with anecdotes telling about the historical facts that the President came to Mangyongdae, his birthplace, by covering the 250 mile journey for learning at the age of 12 and covered the same long journey for national liberation with the firm pledge never to return home unless he liberates the country.

The fourth chapter "In Fusong" records some of many stories telling the fact that the President earned his fame as a young political activist in his days at Fusong Primary School No. 1.

It also deals with stories that the President carried forward the idea of Aim High, the idea of being prepared for three contingencies, the idea of recruiting comrades and two pistols as the precious heritage from his father and that he hardened his will to devote all his efforts to achieving the historic cause of the country's liberation.

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