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Documents Exposing Inside Stories about Sexual Slavery for Imperial Japanese Army Disclosed
Pyongyang, March 18 (KCNA) -- Yonhap News of south Korea on Mar. 16 obtained from the U.S. forces two documents proving that sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army was enforced in an organized manner and opened them to public.

One of them is a document recording the contents of the interrogation made of a soldier of the Imperial Japanese Army after he was arrested in Burma (Myanmar) in April, 1945.

According to it, it was disclosed in the course of the interrogation that the Imperial Japanese Army set up "comfort stations" in different parts of that country and operated them.

Another document worked out by a major of the U.S. forces stationed in Kunming, China on May 13, 1945 said that in those days a medical officer of the Japanese Ground Force visited a "comfort station" in Manchuria on every Friday for a regular medical check-up.

According to it, this "comfort station" housed 150 women including 130 Korean women at that time and all of them were suffering from a venereal disease.

The two documents confirm that many women were forced into sexual slavery in various areas occupied by Japanese troops and they were under systematic control by medical officers of Japan, the news added.

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