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Rodong Sinmun Calls for Strengthening Role of County
Pyongyang, March 18 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun Tuesday in an editorial calls for giving greater spurs to the work for strengthening the role of the county.

In the DPRK, county is a base for carrying out the three resolutions -- ideological, technical and cultural -- and a main unit of general offensive to build an economic power and improve the people's living standard.

Leader Kim Jong Il published the work "The Position and Role of a County in Socialist Construction" five decades ago, indicating a wide avenue for bringing about a great surge in the socialist construction.

The editorial says:

Strengthening the county and its role is to dynamically promote the building of the thriving nation and enable the people to live in luxury and comfort under socialism as early as possible.

To strengthen the role of the county is a basic requirement for bringing about a leap forward in the agricultural production to firmly defend Korean-style socialism and translate the idea of building a highly civilized socialist country into a reality.

Only when all the counties do farming well to achieve a leap forward in the agricultural production, will our advance make faster progress and loud cheers for socialism and the WPK will ring out throughout the country.

In the civilized socialist country now being built the people will fully enjoy a highly civilized life with rapidly developed cultural standard and ample living conditions provided in all fabrics of social life and all the regions of the country.

When all counties build a factory and a dwelling house, they should construct them in such a way as to be suited to their local features and meet the need of socialism and enable people to substantially benefit from them. This is an important requirement of our party for the building of a highly civilized nation.

Only when all counties carry on a dynamic struggle upholding the party's idea of building the highly civilized country, will the country greet the period of efflorescence of a high level of civilization to be envied by world people.

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