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News Analysis on Japan's Impudent Conducts
Pyongyang, March 17 (KCNA) -- Japan is now getting hell-bent on the moves to beautify its blood-stained history of aggression.

A movie, themed with a member of Kamikaze (suicide attack squad) of the Imperial Japanese Army, has been publicly screened in the country. Timing with it, an application was filed with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for listing as world's heritage a note and a letter written by a Kamikaze member, which is preserved at a hall of Kagoshima Prefecture.

Such fanaticism is evoking a wave of outcry in the international community as it represents Japan's wrong view of history.

Japan is a war criminal and defeated nation that inflicted untold misfortune and pains upon Asian people in the last century.

Its ultra-right forces have argued that the Pacific War was not for aggression and it was aimed to "liberate" Asian countries. They even asserted that the Pacific War led Asian countries to be independent from Europe's colonial rule and that Japan did a "good job" during its colonial rule over Korea.

This time, the Japanese reactionaries are seeking to beautify their crime-woven history as "praiseworthy" in the world even by making sport of UNESCO. They consider the listing will help Japan embellish its history of aggression and flee from its responsibility for the settlement of the past.

Japan's attempt to abuse a UN body is evidently an insult and mockery of justice and human conscience, to say nothing of the Korean nation.

UNESCO is not a criminal organization that will join Japan in its scheme to whitewash the past crimes.

Japan should be mindful that its sinister attempt will only reveal its dirty colors.

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