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S. Korean Paper Deplores Society Riddled with Lies, Fabrications
Pyongyang, March 17 (KCNA) -- An editorial titled "Fabrications lead to collapse" was posted on the south Korean internet paper Voice of People on March 14.

The editorial recalled that recently a lawmaker said that the present chief executive was elected by gaining votes through various false commitments made during the last "presidential" election campaign.

The above-said confession made by the lawmaker who played a main role in the election of the chief executive is drawing public attention, the editorial said, and went on:

There is an increasing suspicion as to whether the "Saenuri Party" cooked up even the election results as one fabrication is apt to be followed by another one.

A typical example is the suspicion that pre-arranged election results were broadcast by a broadcasting service before the final results of the voting were available.

The situation has reached such a pass where the present regime is under fire for having cooked up an attempted rebellion in a bid to tide over the political crisis caused by its seizure of power through "government" bodies' illegal interference in the election.

When a spy case broke out at last only to turn out to be a fabrication, people are infuriated by this news. Much upset by this, the chief executive insists she has nothing to do with the case.

Querying where is the end of fabrications, the editorial continued:

As is the case with the shocking incident in which a gymnasium in Kyongju City, North Kyongsang Province collapsed recently as it was built by a construction company and an official of the City Office on the basis of the fabricated official document, a fabrication finally leads to a collapse and the same is the case with the regime.

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