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Minju Joson Terms Remarks of Anti-DPRK Confrontationist Heinous Provocation
Pyongyang, March 16 (KCNA) -- Yu Song Ok, director of the " Institute for Security Strategy" under the Intelligence Service of south Korea, in a meeting of lawmakers from the "Saenuri Party" held on Tuesday malignantly hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK with unspeakable invectives such as "ferocious nature" and "terror-ridden politics". Yu also let loose a string of mud-slinging at the social system of the DPRK, talking about the "possible contingency."

Minju Joson Sunday says in a commentary in this regard:

Yu's remarks are a grave mud-slinging and heinous provocation against the DPRK as they are based on sheer, groundless lies and fabrications.

The invectives unprecedented in their contents and wicked nature are lashing all service personnel and people of the DPRK into an extreme fury as they regard the dignity of its supreme leadership as their life and soul.

Such vicious confrontationist who is treated as vice-minister by the puppet authorities made anti-DPRK confrontational remarks according to the already prepared scenario at a formal meeting of "lawmakers" from the "Saenuri Party". This is a grave incident laying bare the real attitude of Chongwadae toward fellow countrymen.

It also clearly shows that the mud-slinging at fellow countrymen getting more undisguised in south Korea is not attributable to the "freedom of expression" of individuals, organizations and the media but it is a product of the conspiracies of the conservative group including Chongwadae, the Intelligence Service and the "Saenuri Party".

In fact, the puppet conservative group's sinister provocation is laying a big hurdle in the way of improving the north-south relations drawing great attention at home and abroad, and the expectation and hope of the compatriots met frustration and disappointment.

If the south Korean authorities have a real intent to build confidence between the north and the south and improve the relations between them, they should unconditionally make an apology for their grave mud-slinging at fellow countrymen and provide a guarantee for preventing the recurrence of a similar provocation. And they should properly teach such wicked confrontationists as Yu Song Ok who are standing against improved north-south relations, freely wagging their tongues.

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