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CPRK Spokesman Condemns South Korean Confrontation Maniacs' Smear Campaign against DPRK
Pyongyang, March 14 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) Friday made public a statement denouncing the south Korean anti-reunification confrontation maniacs for bringing their smear campaign against their fellow countrymen in the north to an extreme phase despite of its repeated warnings.

Yu Song Ok, director of the "Institute for Security Strategy" under the Intelligence Service (IS) of south Korea, in a special lecture in the "Unified Economy Classroom," gathering of lawmakers from the "Saenuri Party", on March 11 malignantly hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK. The director let loose such unspeakable invectives as "ferocious nature" and "terror-ridden politics." Yu went the lengths of describing the social system in the north as a "car out of order" and a "possible contingency."

The statement said this is a grave mud-slinging at the north and an intolerable hideous provocation against the dignity of the supreme leadership and social system in the DPRK as they are based on sheer, groundless lies and fabrications.

What matters is that the ruling "Saenuri Party" zealously joined IS in its despicable smear campaign, it said, and went on:

The "Saenuri Party" let the wild and wicked person of IS with bitter tongue give a special lecture. By doing so, it defamed itself and earned the same ill fame as IS has. Consequently, it sparked bitterer curse among people with the elections to the local self-governing bodies at hand.

The recent provocation amounts to crudely violating the agreement made at the north-south high-level contact on halting the smear campaign against the other side and blatantly challenging it.

The moves for improving the north-south relations which had drawn great concern of the people at home and abroad from the outset of the year have hit a serious snag and the expectation and hope of the compatriots met frustration and disappointment owing to the sinister provocations of the puppet conservative regime.

With no rhetoric can the south Korean authorities excuse themselves for their mud-slinging.

If they have true intention to build confidence and repair their relations with the north, they should move to make an apology for the recent grave provocation against the DPRK's social system and take responsible measures against the recurrence of similar provocation.

The DPRK considers the north-south relations as important but it will never tolerate even the least the acts of daring hurt the dignity of its supreme leadership and its social system.

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